Motorcycle Chain and Sprocket Kits

DID + Regina Chain and sprocket kits for Aprilia, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, KTM, and many more

Chain and sprockets are a key feature in the drive train of most motorcycles, and keeping them well maintained improves your overall riding enjoyment.

A poorly maintained chain and accompanying sprockets is at best noisy and inefficient, but at the other end of the scale has the potential to cause significant damageor even personal injury.

Once a chain can no longer be maintained with cleaning, adjustment and chain lube, it is time to replace both the chain and sprockets (they do need doing together) with a premium brand such as DID or Regina.

We supply and fit Chain and Sprocket Kits to all makes and models of Motorcycle and offer a range of manufacturers and qualities.

We don’t hold stock but can usually have the Chain and Sprocket kit delivered, ready for fitting, the next working day.

Guide Prices:

Prices vary depending on the size and 'weight' of the chain, but for convenience we have 9 fixed prices that cover most bikes. Price is broadly dictated by engine size, but power is a consideration so some kits may be in a higher or lower category than perhaps expected.

The following prices are for Branded or Original equipment chain and sprocket kits, fitted to the bike, including VAT.*

Up to 500cc 600cc - 900 cc 900cc and Above
£152 - £186 - £210 £152 - £186 - £210 £234 - £264 - £282

*It is our aim to be able to offer clear and simple pricing on all of the services we provide. Clarity for you with no surprises and a clear, streamlined formula for us. 

There are occasions where it is not financially viable or practical for us to offer menu pricing for certain tasks on certain models of vehicle. If this is the case then we aim to advise in advance.

Please also note that above prices are based on the vehicle being in reasonable to good condition where all items are servicable.

Rust, corosion and poor condition or broken items may incur additonal costs.