Motocross, Trials Riding, Green Laning and Other Off Road

Where everyone else is craving empty roads and smooth, fast tarmac, you are longing for something a little rougher, harder to pass generally more hostile.

Whatever your Off Road discipline, we won't judge you. We keep a full range of Off Road tyres in all of the popular makes, models and sizes.

Whether you are an addicted Moto Crosser or you just fancy taking your Adventure bike along some green lanes, we are more than happy to oblige. Our key brands are Michelin, Metzeler, Pirelli and Continental, but we are also happy to supply Bridgestone, Maxxis and Dunlop. The choice is yours!

Also check out the new Michelin Enduro Medium

Here are two tyres that we think are of note:

The Metzeler MCE 6 Days Extreme is an Enduro tyre
which makes some pretty bold claims:
The Michelin AC 10 is an Enduro and Motorcross tyre
offering excellent versatility:
  • Ultimate Enduro F.I.M. tyre dominating the Enduro racing world and developed
    with factory riders for your most extreme challenges
  • High Resistance Polyester carcass-material with X-ply construction for superior
    structural characteristics and excellent puncture resistance
  • Tread block distribution and geometry designed to offer outstanding grip and
    traction both in dry and wet conditions, from soft and loose terrain and hard ground
  • Also available in sizes for Mini Enduro bikes, dedicated to young riders looking
    to experience their first professional set of Enduro tyres.
  • Versatility - Excellent traction on all surfaces, especially hard,
    gravelly surfaces.
  • Longevity - Optimal rubber compound for long-lasting tyres.
  • Michelin always aims to bring together multiple performances -
    At MICHELIN, we never work on one isolated element of performance. Instead,
    we focus on the whole package: safety, durability and the thrill of riding…
    all at the same time and with no trade-offs. That’s what we mean by MICHELIN®
    Total Performance™, which has and will always be our difference on every tyre.